Katiuscia S.

"Watching the news from my home country of Italy was painful and alarming, as the coronavirus took hold in the area where I grew up.


Having family there and around the world made me feel helpless.​ Like many others, I wanted to do something to help.


Looking around, I found the Sewing for Our NHS Facebook group... and I was inspired!​ 

I put out a post and in hours I was overwhelmed by people's kindness. 

I was not alone: people needed something to focus on, something to make them feel useful in the midst of this unreal situation.


​Sacha soon jumped on board, and the two of us then reached out to our contacts and within weeks our group had grown from 2 to 40 people.​


In time we discovered the North and East London Sewers - For the Love of Scrubs Facebook group and joined forces,

this collaboration has being very important and successful."​   

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